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Just wanted to let you know how much we like LiveAuctionIT. We only use it with 2 computers at this time. The system is so easy to use. My staff only had a short time to train before we had an Auction and everything went great. We did a benefit Auction a couple of weeks after we started using the program and we let one of the people helping with the benefit clerk with no problems. It is certainly a great program and makes checking out a breeze. I'm really glad we changed to your program. You said your support would be there, but so far we haven't needed it.


Sam Mooneyham
Sam Mooneyham Auctions & Real Estate


LiveAuctionIT is an excellent program for auctioneers that is reliable and easy to use. This program is good and it’s all you need. It has improved the payment center 100% at the auctions. I don't know how I managed prior to this program. There are no more mistakes such as clerks missing sold items and checking out is fast. There are no errors on the calculations and buyers premium and taxes. The program saves all customer information and makes auctions efficient. It is a self explanatory system. I have trained clerks to use this program in less than 10 minutes. Its simple-1. Enter bidder information, 2.-then entering sold items and 3.-printing invoices. If you make a mistake in any field, such as entering the wrong price or bidder number there are boxes to easily fix them. You do not need computer experience to use this program. The best part about LiveAuctionIT is the customer service. John French knows the system and is always available for any questions. He is one of the best people I have ever dealt with in business. He wants to help you and will do anything to make you happy and comfortable.

Alan Turobiner
Lawsons Inc.- Since 1993


Both I and the people who have clerked my auctions have been very pleased with the ease of use, intuitive setup and your response to our suggestions and needs. I would be more than happy if you would like to use me as a reference for other auctioneers in the future. I have used other auction software which has more "bells and whistles" and was much more expensive, but they were not easy to use and no auctioneer wants to hear his clerk telling him he has to stop because there is a problem with the software.

John Cheney
Accredited Auctioneer, Real Estate & Realtor


LiveAuctionIT saves me time and makes my job so much easier. This software gives me the ability to track down consignments without ever having to look at my paper back-up files. I am also able to enter multiple auctions weeks ahead of time. There are so many time saving features that my old software did not provide. I am thrilled with the software and the amazing customer service.

Olde Tyme Stuffe


This is making my life so much easier.

Connie Morris
129 Antiques & More Auction



1. The PRICE is Right!
2. A very user friendly and easy to learn program.
3. No pricey wireless modems to buy.
4. I am running 2 laptops (wireless), an N router and a wireless Laser printer, all of this PLUS your software for under a $1000.
5. Support from you is OUTSTANDING!

 We used MAXA for 10 years and we were in our "Comfort Zone", my clerks love LiveAuctionIT and made a seamless transition. My buyers and sellers are impressed with the speed and quality of the invoices that LiveAuctionIT produces.

I would recommend LiveAuctionIT to anyone whether they are computer literate or not.

This is the affordable Auction Software!

If anyone wishes to contact me about LiveAuctionIT, please feel free to call me @ 704.506.0626 or email

Thanks John,

Bill Cox, B2 Mobile Auctions



As we examined the live auction business, as rookies we were definitely looking for a KISS clerking and checkout software solution. We had been told several times that Maxa was the straightforward answer, but during my research, it relied on outdated cable-based technology and terminals/computers. While there hadn’t been any updates in several years, that wasn’t much of a concern as the cost and future availability of equipment no longer in production. We weren’t willing to risk being ‘down’ while hunting up or refurbishing hardware.

Fortunately, we made a contact with a gentleman who had many years of experience using Maxa and had recently been introduced to LiveAuctionIT. He indicated that his clerks had no problems whatsoever switching over. The LiveAuctionIT system is a brilliant concept that uses our 2 existing laptops and a $29 N-router. While it took we ‘older folks’ a bit to catch on, John French spent less than an hour getting our teenager helpers at warp speed.

Maxa told me their efforts were directed towards their new online auction product and there would be no support for their older system. John French has provided support above and beyond any level I’ve ever experienced with clear and direct answers. You may also enjoy this as there was no automated queuing to ‘clearly define the problem so it could be sent to the next available technician.’ It was simply the developer answering his phone!

Geoffrey Mann
Red Tag Auction House

Timmonsville, SC

As a company that specializes in real estate auctions, we were seeking auction software that was easy to follow and intuitive as our inventory auctions are sporadic and the auction staff changes frequently. In the past we had leased AuctionFlex, which was overkill for what our needs were, cumbersome to follow, had a steep learning curve and was expensive. We needed easy to learn software that was full featured but intuitive and easy for new auction staff to follow. LiveAuctionIT is such a software plus it meets our inventory control requirements. The support by John has been exceptional. His immediate response to correct problems and software issues, so far created from our end, is enough for me to whole heartedly endorse the software. If you are considering an live auction software package, the features, support and ease of use of LiveAuctionIT are hard to beat.

Russell McBride, Broker/Owner/Auctioneer

Damascus Realty & Auctions

Damascus, VA